Supporting those who support individuals with developmental disabilities

Upcoming Trainings

Person Centered Thinking Training
to see statewide VCU schedule and register for these trainings go to:

I will be doing PCT trainings in February 20-21 in Springfield MVLE
​March 6-7 in Chester at Region IV REACH location

Don't forget to thank your staff!

Cindy Gwinn

Cindy Gwinn has been active in the Developmental Disability Community for over 20 years. She is able to provide support to agencies who provide services to individuals receiving Medicaid Developmental Disabilities Waivers. 

"You have no clue how much you've inspired me to do more." - Rozetta, Negril, Inc.

"I wanted to express to you that I really enjoyed your class and found it very informational.  I will be sending more of my team to your next session on behavior." - Aline Jackson-Diggs
Career Support Systems


Developmental Disability Consultant 

Autism Competencies
​February 13 - Virginia Beach
February 22 - Springfield

March 1 - Danville

March 8 - Waynesboro

March 13 - Fairfax 

Behavioral Competencies
February 22 - Springfield

To register go to Eventbrite:

Training currently available for your agencies staff! 

Autism Competency

Behavioral Competency

Individual Support Plan Creation

Person Centered Thinking 

I am currently looking for agencies to host a training location. 

For hosting a training location you receive 4 free registrations.
Training location must have:

  • table and chair space for 20+ staff
  • Wifi available
  • a blank wall/screen or TV 

​​Please contact me at if you are interested. 

If you are a small provider, consider networking with other providers to help share the cost of a private training if you are unable to host a public training. 


Is your agency feeling overwhelmed with all of the changes currently taking place with Waivers? 

Would you like to be able to get some of the "To do" items off your list? 

I can help!

Let me update your Policy and Procedure Manual, Human Rights Manual, or review and verify your documentation. 

Do you need an Employee Handbook, I can help you update or create that too!

Send me an e-mail!


Go to SERVICES for information on
Person Centered Thinking Training,
Autism and Behavioral Trainings for the

DBHDS Direct Support Professional Competency requirements.