Cindy Gwinn, M.Ed.

Educational Advocate 

Upcoming Training

Cindy Gwinn has been active in the Developmental Disability Community for over 20 years. She is able to provide support to agencies who provide services to individuals receiving Medicaid Developmental Disabilities Waivers. 

Autism Competencies
November 5, 2019 - Martinsville

November 19, 2019 - New Market

November 21, 2019 - Leesburg


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"You have no clue how much you've inspired me to do more." 
​- Rozetta, Negril, Inc.

"I wanted to express to you that I really enjoyed your class and found it very informational.  I will be sending more of my team to your next session on behavior." - Aline Jackson-Diggs
Career Support Systems

Consultation services available for individuals, families, school systems and providers on  topics provided in the following trainings. 

Classroom Management Training - PreK through Grade 12

​ to detect and correct classroom problems without stopping teaching. to avoid power struggles. to set effective limits. to arrange and design the classroom environment for maximum performance (including 15 powerful desk arrangements from traditional to unorthodox). to teach students to behave appropriately in class and in social settings. to zoom through the curriculum like never before. to firmly but fairly carry out disciplinary actions. to NEVER again give multiple warnings or repeated requests! to build and maintain trust with challenging children. to reach at-risk children and turn them into productive classroom members.

Autism Competency

Learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder

Behavioral Competency

Have you every hear of A-B-C? Not the alphabet, but how these 3 thing effect everyone's behavior and choices every day? 

Person Centered Thinking Training - 2 day training

​This 2-day training serves as a foundation and philosophical framework for everyone who is involved in supporting people with disabilities. Successful Implementation of person centered plans is more likely where staff members have participated in this training. The training in person centered thinking is recommended for all paid staff including those who are in administrative, management, direct and support roles.

Community Connections

​This interactive training will provide information and skill development activities.  Helping people develop their interests, the audience will experience several techniques and tools for determining where a person might start to be connected, and how to plan for the support needed for success.